With a wide breadth of experience, our designers deliver breathtaking interiors that are welcoming, lived in and loved.


TheMistris are known to be the best listeners in the business. Our team prides itself on integrating with our clients to channel their vision. Whether you need an expeditious consultation or to have us create a project with full scope of design and execution, we are always up for the challenge. TheMistris practices sustainability and focuses on working with what you already own whenever possible. We pride ourselves on offering our clients multiple solutions for their design problems.




Our team of designers understands that their clients’ input and vision is the motivation behind any elegant space or exterior. With a blend of systematic and creative design processes, we work to create personality-infused spaces that are innovative, modern and truly unique.

Communication is the key to any successful relationship, so we take the time to hear your story and listen to your needs.Our team is always looking to create something out of the box, apart from the ordinary, ahead of the market trends. We work hard to evolve the best work and the cycle continues for us. For TheMistris, designing is a never ending process.